Big D Daily: News for Thursday, June 26, 2014

Adam Pretty

I I believe I believe that I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!

Today is the day. The United States battle Germany in a winners take all in Group G. Well a draw also works for both sides too. Ahhh, so many anticipation, and excitement surrounding this one. Will you be at the AAC today to watch?

// FC Dallas //

Selling Sanchez was the right move | Soccerly

Yep. A deal like this should bring in the money for FCD to make a summer splash that they need.

What you need to know for today's FCD watch party |

Get there early. That is all I will stress. In fact, if you aren't at a pub right now, you should be reading this from the AAC.

// MLS //

Crew stumble in USOC action |

They rested a handful of players like Federico Higuain but it didn't matter they still lost on the road to the Fire. We'll have more on the Crew in the next day or so for this weekend's match.

Vancouver drops points at home against Montreal |

Not a very good draw for the Whitecaps against their Canadian foes.

Timbers add DP defender Ridgewell | Stumptown Footy

Big move for the Timbers, who really need some defensive help here.

Petke discusses Cahill rumors | Once A Metro

Oddly enough, I think most New York fans wouldn't be terrible upset if Tim Cahill left. That would mean they would have two DP slots to fill. I think that would be a win-win.

// World Cup //

How the US can beat Germany |

Defend as a team, play with speed and spread them wide. At least that is my three easy steps to winning this game.

Top 10 in the World? The US can prove it |

The US is on the verge of cracking the top 10 of the FIFA rankings, but this game today would easily place them in there with a win.

Need a doctor's note for today's game? |

Oddly enough Jurgen Klinsmann has you covered.

Why are there multiple games going on at the same time? |

In case you weren't aware, the Germans back in 1982 did a little something something that has lead to these games going on together to finish out the group stage.

Two Ghana players sacked |

Huh? Alright then, let's hope that messes with whatever they do today.

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