Big D Daily: News for Thursday, June 12, 2014

Matthias Hangst

Christmas is here!!

We'll vent about last night's result for FC Dallas shortly, I'm sure most of you will have similar feelings. But at least today is the day that the World Cup begins!

// FC Dallas //

FCD tries to balance joy with second half meltdown |

Boy that wasn't pretty in the second half last night. More so it wasn't pretty in the final 10-15 minutes of the game thanks to some questionable calls.

Porter challenges his back line after draw |

At least their side of the field didn't know how to defend for the majority of the match.

Match recap |

The first half was bright and beautiful but the second half was the darkest of timelines.

// MLS //

Garber on Miami stadium situation |

They're back to square one now after another stadium plan falls through. I don't see Miami getting their deal pulled anytime soon but at some point they either get a stadium or they don't.

Time to worry about Miami? |

Given how the league has the 20 teams by 2020 deadline still set, I don't think it is time just yet to get too worried about their possible expansion deal. I will say this though, I do think Miami ends up being #24 and not #23. Minnesota, San Antonio or someone else will get in before them.

USOC results see Quakes and Dynamo advance |

Houston still struggled to beat a PDL side at home. That is all you need to know.

Landon makes fun of Landon in video |

Kudos to the Galaxy and Landon Donovan for doing this video.

Philly also cans technical director and assistant coach | Brotherly Game

It looks as though the Union are cleaning house.

// World Cup //

How to watch Brazil vs Croatia |

Plenty of good ways to watch, we'll have a list of places in Dallas you can go to coming up this morning.

Klinsmann stays realistic about the US's chances |

You know, I'm actually okay with his realistic view here. I still firmly believe this team is just a set up for what is to come in 2018.

Belgium scrimmage canceled due to traffic concerns |

The one team that is traveling the shortest distances in the group stage cancels a scrimmage because they don't want to travel 40 miles. Something ironic about that but with transit strikes going on, I sort of get it. Five hours in a bus sucks no matter who you are.

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