Four Things We Learned From FC Dallas' First Two Matches In 2014

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

It is a long, long season.

FC Dallas is only two games into the 2014 regular season but that hasn't stopped us from taking a few things in.

Patience all around

I look around this roster and see new players, young players, veteran players and just plenty of reasons to sit back and wait some things out.

What I mean by that is we need to continue to be patient for the next few weeks with guys like Andres Escobar and David Texeira. We need to continue to lower expectations about players returning quickly from injury here. The offense will click and fire on all cylinders soon enough and the defense continues to show signs that they're getting there as well.

Again, 34 games is a marathon...not a sprint.

The midfield continues to be a work in progress

While the defense has been iffy at times and the offense is continuing to gel, it is the collective midfield group that continues to be the biggest work in progress for Oscar Pareja this season. Last week we saw Adam Moffat and Andrew Jacobson start in the center of the midfield behind Mauro Diaz. AJ and Moffat like we've explained on here are too similar in the way they move forward which caused issues with getting Diaz open in space.

The week before when Hendry Thomas started with Jacobson, the ball movement in the middle of the park was much better. Once again we'll preach how important Thomas is to this club in the long run here this season. Having him in front of the defense and beside either Moffat or Jacobson is key to having a strong season.

And the same can be said for the play on the wings. Fabian Castillo has shown early on that playing a little higher up the field with fewer defensive responsibilities works for his game. On the other hand we're still pondering what to make of Je-Vaughn Watson this season. Right wing, right back, a ton of questions...we'll dive into his play soon enough.

Blas Perez and his work rate

The more I look at Perez the more I get impressed by him. He's one of the club's oldest players but you wouldn't know it by his work rate. The only downside of his high work rate is the amount of turnovers he has created so far this season, especially last weekend against Sporting KC.

But I applaud Perez for being in beast mode already this season. FCD needs a healthy and determined Perez this season.

Oscar Pareja knows best

Before with Schellas Hyndman, we would question every single sub that the man would make. But after two games, I can't say I have had any issues with what Pareja has done on the field. He knows his players already and what he can get out of them in certain spots. Look at what he did by inserting Michel into the match against SKC. Perfect timing to get him into the game and have him available to take that set piece that lead to Matt Hedges' game-tying goal.

The same can be said for getting Escobar minutes in the manner that he has so far. We haven't gotten a ton out of the new Colombian yet but the most important thing is Pareja knows that he needs minutes to get him used to MLS and the level of play here.

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