FCD Links: News for Thursday February 6, 2014

Aaron Davidson

Beckham owns a MLS team for real now and more.

Happy Thursday everyone! Some of you here in Dallas are waking up to snow this morning, so hopefully these links will help keep you warm.

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Intrasquad Scrimmage in UAE | FCDallas.com

There isn't a ton to go off of from this first scrimmage for FC Dallas but it is at least something.

Beckham and Claure target 2017 | MLSSoccer.com

While all the focus yesterday was on David Beckham and Don Garber talking in front of the press in Miami, Beckham's other partner Marcelo Claure spoke candidly about when the MLS team in Miami would begin play.

LeBron James is still a possibility to be a part-owner | MLSSoccer.com

I'm right there with Beckham, I think it would be pretty cool if LeBron got involved here too.

Fabian Johnson to leave Hoffenheim this summer | ESPNFC.com

I would really like to see him come to MLS, even if it isn't to FCD. He'll be on free transfer this summer so you have to think some MLS clubs will be lining up to get him.

Klinsmann should find value from January camps | ProSoccerTalk.com

Jurgen Klinsmann may not truly like the January camps but you can't say he isn't getting a fair amount out of them here.

A deeper look at a MLS switch to a winter calendar | Goal.com

The logistics alone make this a headache for MLS going forward. So many things that need to happen before they can truly switch to that kind of calendar and knowing our luck, when they do the rest of the world will switch to a spring-to-fall type schedule that we're currently on.

Winter Olympics begin today | SBNation.com

Who is excited about some Russian Olympics? Huh? Huh?

And finally, our soccer stadium tour takes us to...Russian (seems fitting for today). Here is Otkrytie Arena in Moscow, which will also be one of the World Cup venues in 2018.


via www.stadiumguide.com

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