FCD Links: News for Wednesday February 5, 2014

Lintao Zhang

Time to vote on a name for this daily piece.

We're one week into this daily link post and now it is time to get cracking on what to really name it. Many of you have submitted some quality names, we'll take this poll and soon reveal the new name of this post.

Aside from that, it is Wednesday, time to buckle down for the second half of the week. Here are some links to get your day started off right.

Beckham to announce Miami club | MLSSoccer.com

Golden Balls, local officials and Don Garber will all come together in about a hour to announce something in Miami. South Beach will be the second city in MLS to lose a team and then regain one (San Jose being the other).

Everything you need to know about Beckham and Miami | Fox Soccer

Nice little back story on how Miami got back on MLS's radar.

Time to worry over Jozy? | MLSSoccer.com

While Jozy Altidore won't be coming back to MLS anytime soon (at least according to most people that are close to him), at some point his production at Sunderland has to pick up.

Aron Johannsson still hot in Holland | SI.com

This dude just scores. Period.

Ibrahimovic with another impressive goal | 101 Great Goals

Just watch for yourself:

Logistics keep MLS teams from being in ICC | Fox Soccer

I touched on this a little bit yesterday, the MLS schedule is just so jam-packed this year that having even one team break out for a week to be in this tournament just wasn't logical.

Better new stadium, Barcelona or Real Madrid? | Goal.com

Both will be fairly impressive renovations. Madrid's stadium reminds me a bit of Jerry World, combined with Bayern Munich's stadium.

NYCFC wants you to create a new badge for them | NYCFC.com

I probably played around with this tool for too many hours yesterday.

Will Ferrell did a Reddit AMA...oh boy. | Reddit

I honestly have no idea where to begin with this one.

And lastly, our daily stadium tour photo takes us to Argentina with the Estadio Ciudad de La Plata.


via upload.wikimedia.org

Be sure to vote below...if you don't see a name that you like, be sure to place it in the comments section. Feel free to use this thread for your daily discussions.

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