Premier League Predictions and other great things

Last year, Spatulacity did a phenomenal fan post on this subject, so why not do it again. I won't change his questions much, but I will change his intro.

So The premier league is moving to NBC this year which means more games across more tvs than ever before. You can now watch every game that is not broadcast on NBC or NBCSports on their Live Extra online feed. I think it's even available on AppleTV and Roku which would allow you to view on your TV. Best of all, it's free to all!!! No extra $ each month for FoxSoccer+ which is no guarantee you'll be able to watch the game live. This, in itself, is a coup for American fans.

I will use his next paragraph though:

Feel free to share, yell, blather or poeticize. I'd love to have some good talk on the European leagues, something I still find difficult on the internets. Share some of your affiliations and predictions here and we'll get a-yappin':

1. Who's your Premier League club? How did you come to choose them?

2. Give your predicted 1-2-3-4 finish for the PL.

3. Who wins Golden Boot in the PL?

4. American player with "best" season in any league? Note "best" is purely subjective!

5. La Liga: Who wins the league; Real Madrid or Barcelona?

6. Sirie A: Do you have an opinion on who will win this? Or should we just chalk up another Juve runaway.

7. Ligue 1: Does PSG run away with this one? Or does another team like AS Monaco and their over $150 million spent bring them down?

8. Any grand thoughts, opinions or outcomes for anything else, any league?

9. If you leave your couch to watch early morning footy on the weekends, where do you typically go?

I'll go first:

1. Everton. I'm a toffee as it's so much fun to root for Fellaini's Fro, as well as the fact that they've finished way beyond their means the past few years. Most importantly, they've finished higher than their crosstown rivals in Liverpool. I just hope fans of the reds have seen their chiropractors as they'll continue to look up at the Toffees in the standings.

2. Man U, Chelsea, Spurs, Man City. This is finally the year the Spurs pass Arsenal to get into the Champions league.

3. RVP. The guy is a goal scoring nightmare for every defense. The only guys I see competing with him are Ba at Chelsea, and Suarez at the lesser team based in the home of the Beatles.

4. Michael Bradley. The Italians love him, and he is truly the heart and soul of the USMNT. Deadspin had a phenomenal article on him yesterday, I suggest you read it

5. Barca. Neymar + Messi+ Iniesta + HOLY CRAP ARE THEY LOADED can't be beat.

6. Napoli comes back up to bring down Juve

7. PSG reins supreme still, but Monaco makes the Champions League

8. Bayern will again win, but Dortmund will not be too far behind

9. I stay on my couch.

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