Hyatt's Game Grades Home v. LA

As I've watched the FCD Season and read Big D Soccer, I thought to myself, "You know what this site's missing? Game grades from someone completely unqualified to give game grades!"

I say completely unqualified because I'm a soccer neophyte. I came to the game late in life, and have enjoyed it a lot. I've been pretty hardcore watching for a full 2.5 years! And by hardcore, I mean I have the MLS Live package for the first time this year and didn't miss a televised match last year for FCD. I've also caught every televised Everton match the past 2 years (COYB!!!). I haven't played since I was 10, and have read what I can to get brought up to speed on modern tactics and who played well and who didn't.

That being said, let's get to the grades from back to front:

Seitz- 4, you let 3 goals in, it's not going to be good. Plus service on kicks was like sky ball serves in volleyball. It shouldn't be too much to ask to get the ball back to your players with a chance to do something. Seizty didn't. He did have a spectacular save, but I'm waiting for Raul to get back to feel comfortable.

Loyd- 7, didn't let anything dangerous by him, and was blocking shots left and right. Will be missed if out for awhile.

Acosta- 7, great debut (extra point there), showed that position versatility we've been told about. very competent at all places he played and a great future ahead of him. I don't want to put too much pressure on him, but he's the next Jesus.

John- 5, shut down good in first 30, victimized by poor center mid play in the last 30. He owes the assistant ref a steak for keeping his flag down on both Blas goals.

Hedges- 6, same as John, only much better on set pieces. That goal will get you the extra point.

Erick- 7, another great debut. Was shutting down the midfield the first 60, though did not have much presence in the last third of the field. He looks like he could be the next JDG.

Jacobson- 5 typical Jacobson half. He takes some fouls, gives some fouls, and you forget he's there. Tweaked a hammy, which could lead to more minutes for Michel, which is not a good thing.

Michel 2, if his set piece service wasn't so amazing, he'd get a 1. And even those should have been nullified from the assistant ref. Outside of that, he got a card, was directly to blame for 2 goals, and probably stole some ice cream from some children. Just awful. He was confused on his position, and thus not helping any matters.

DF10- 4, it's time for us fans to stop making excuses. The captain is hurting, not helping. He slows breaks, and contributed little going forward. If you want a main reason why we haven't had a goal in the run of play in forever, you only have to look at the guy who is supposed to be keying the attack. His free kick service was hit and miss, with really just one good one that led to the first goal. Diaz needs to get game fit fast or this attack will be putting us out of the playoff picture.

Castillo- 4, non existent in the first 60, but did have some defensive presence. Never really took advantage of the LA wings. And turned over the ball too often.

Jackson 7, would be motm if not for blas's 2 goal effort. Was dominant, disruptive, though could've given Acosta a little more help on d in the first half. He's been the key to the attack.

Blas- 8, hey look, a forward that can actually put the ball in the net. What a concept! I'm thinking the 4-5-1 is the best chance for FCD once things get settled. You want your best 11 out there, and that includes only blas at the top.

Cooper- 4, everything went to shit the moment he came in. Not all his fault, but I don't see any way to use him. Too slow, no touch, doesn't seem to do anything but make a 11th man on the field. He's not a target forward, and isn't fast enough to get into the box on a break. People seem to want to try him on the wing, but I have seen nothing that says he can be successful there.

Hyndman 4- this will improve as Erick gains fitness, and thus does not need to use Michel or Ja-vaghan. But let's look at what he brought to the table. He had a strong formation with Blas at the top, calling it a 4-4-2 that essentially played like a 4-5-1 with Castillo and Jackson on the wings. He then had to sub in Michel for Jacobson, and Benitez for Loyd. When Michel came on, it looked as if he was going to play Acosta's position and move Kellyn to the center mid position. Then when Jair came on for Zach, he should have stayed on the right, but seemed to move to the Center Mid position. Then when Cooper came on, no one had any idea where they needed to be. This led to 2 horrible markings and 2 goals. Shellas needs to communicate where people need to be and what their assignments are. He didn't. Cost us 2 points.

Feel free to rip me to shreds. I have 3 kids under 3, you think you can make my life worse? Go ahead, take a shot (I love Bad Santa). Your thoughts are welcome too.

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