Last Night, in World Cup Qualifying...


In last night's episode of "FCD Players Playing for Their National Teams", Raul saved Peru, Blas missed a chance or two, and Watson sat on the bench.

How about AMERICA?

If you ignore the fact that the Jamaicans were trying to decapitate Graham Zusi and concuss everyone else, it was a pretty exciting match. Brad Evans turned himself into an overnight Nat sensation, and everyone goes home happy.

Raúl Fernández, AKA Superman, AKA Enemy of the Republic of Ecuador

Raúl also went home happy last night. Much happier in fact, since he was facing serious opposition in the form of Ecuador and the three-prong attack of the Felipe Caicedo, Antonio Valencia and Cristian Noboa. For everything but the first 25 minutes, Fernandez found his goal under assault, but his quick reactions and command of the goalmouth area ensured that only the most dangerous shots made it through.

Fernandez was, as you'd expect, a mixed bag of brilliant and dangerous. For every dangerous cross he fumbled, he diffused three dangerous attacks forming in his area. Through a combination of both an aggressive approach and careful timing, Superman kept the Peruvians safe from harm.

Speaking of dangerously fumbled crosses, last night saw Raul committing his now well-known spills several times. If not for his defenders being perfectly positioned, his mistakes could have cost Peru dearly. I don't know what it is that causes Raul to spill the ball, but it's very unsettling to see it happen so frequently. Perhaps he's sweating through his gloves, or perhaps someone is booby-trapping them. Either way, it's terrifying to see.

Don't let my criticism fool you however. Raul had three incredible, highlight-reel saves to keep Peru in the game. His most impressive was his diving save to his left to keep out a hard hit grasscutter that looked like a certain goal. It was hit at point blank range, and I don't know HOW Raul managed to keep it out.

Blas Pérez, AKA Super Ratón

Blas Perez played for Panama, and missed one or two very good chances. It's a shame he couldn't put Mexico to the sword, but I don't think it will dent his confidence. His movement off the ball was good, and overall he can be happy to have stolen a point from Mexico (I know Panama was at home, but when smaller countries draw Mexico, it's always "stealing a point").

Je-Vaughn Watson, AKA Unused Sub

Je-Vaughn Watson didn't feature against the USA after his quiet night against Mexico.

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