Five Thoughts: Making Sense Of The 2-2 Draw In Philly


Yet another wild game for FC Dallas ends in a 2-2 draw.

Some times I am at a loss for words on how to describe things. But this may not be the case as FC Dallas got yet another dramatic 2-2 draw against an Eastern Conference foe, this time against the Philadelphia Union.

Blas, Blas, Blas. Holy moly, thank goodness FC Dallas has this guy. If there was ever someone that worked relentlessly it was Blas Perez. His game-tying goal was what I like to call justice. Justice for the team for being down a man for 22-minutes and justice for his previous strike that did go in the back of the net.


You be the judge of that.

Oh wait, here is another angle.


I'm not saying we need goal line technology in MLS but when the center official is extremely out of the way and the sideline official isn't close enough to the corner flag on that play, it makes me very angry. That was in, we know it was in, Perez knew it was in, Matt Hedges knew it was in and you know Sheanon Williams of the Union knew it was in.

Still, good on Perez to get the equalizer when he did, and kudos to the center official for not calling a foul on London Woodberry on the play too as he crashed into keeper Zac MacMath.

Open Cup gamble failed. Let's be honest, the gamble by Schellas Hyndman in the US Open Cup didn't work out this week. Three games against three good teams in the last week and each match saw Hyndman use a very strong lineup in each game. But at some point those tired legs really began to show up in this one against the Union. I mean very early did they show up. I don't blame Hyndman too much for the gamble though, this was certainly a year that FC Dallas could have easily won the Open Cup, so why not give it your all. I mean it is possibly the easiest ticket to the Champions League anyways.

4-4-2, just not working. We've all wanted the 4-4-2 this season, having Kenny Cooper up top with Perez. But this team just isn't built to handle that formation just yet. Either it is the middle of the field not winning balls, looking at you Je-Vaughn Watson, or the wings not tracking back, now I am looking at you Jackson; this formation just didn't cut it for the majority of the match.

Thankfully David Ferreira came on late and London Woodberry came in to move into the back and the game shifted around more for Dallas. It seemed as playing down a man sort of helped them out in getting forward.

Watson the goat. The first yellow was weak but I get it. The second yellow was gutsy call by the official. It was either a dive or a penalty but in my book that wasn't a yellow worthy dive. Did Watson look for contact? Yes, but who doesn't in that situation. Did Watson embellish things a bit? Absolutely. But was it card worthy? No. The big reason why a card was shown was due to the placement on the field in my book. Officials have to make judgement calls around and in the penalty box and he did just that.

But I'm not done with the Jamaican here. His defending on the day was suspect and his marking on the first Union goal was pathetic. Stay with you man Watson, it really isn't that hard.

Hedges comes up big. I've always been asked why Dallas has so many defenders. Well, yesterday was a perfect example as to why the club is built more around defense than offense. Both George John and Zach Loyd were left at home with injuries which meant that Matt Hedges had to be the leader in the back again. Thankfully he and Walker Zimmerman played well together and Michel had another strong showing in the defense. Sometimes I question Hedges leadership skills but yesterday was a day that showed he has the chops to be a guy that can keep things calm in the back. When John and Loyd are out, he is exactly who you want to step up and for the most part yesterday he did just that.

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