FC Dallas Fantasy Manager Update: Week 17


Back at home for the only time in June, who will have a big weekend?

Editorial note: Each week (or so) here at BigDSoccer.com, we will take a look at the FC Dallas players you should be looking at to add to your Fantasy Manager team. To join the BDS group, use code 9134-1792.

FC Dallas is back at home for the only time in June for a league match as they host Sporting Kansas City. We'll dive more into Sporting later tomorrow in our previews here on BDS but first up is a look at which FC Dallas players to pick up in your Fantasy Manager team this week.

Sporting only has one win in their last five games and just two in their last eight games. Not to mention four losses in that eight game stretch. This won't be an easy game but knowing how well FC Dallas has played at home this season, there should be plenty of points in the Fantasy Manager game this weekend.

Highlight Pick

Raul Fernandez ($5.5M, 75 points) - Superman is already one of the best keepers in this game and that price isn't too bad either compared to other keepers. You know he is good for a few saves and given how well Dallas has played at home this year, he could be in for another shutout if things go right.

Three pack of picks

Can't get Fernandez this week? No problem, here are three guys that should be on your squad already as it is.

Michel ($6.2M, 91 points) - He's been a tad cold lately in the game but that only means he should be due for another big outburst. So far this season at home he has brought in big totals, averaging nearly 7 points per home game.

Matt Hedges ($5.8M, 81 points) - The second year starter has been pretty consistent as well this season in this game. he is slightly below some of the top defenders in salary right now, which makes him a good pickup for value.

Jackson ($8.0M, 65 points) - This will be a game that should help Jackson's point totals out. SKC is a team you can beat with pace on the wings and we all know what Jackson brings to the table in that respect.

Stay away from

Jair Benitez - He's suspended for this game with SKC.

Eric Hassli - Not sure his injury status at the moment but he'll be coming off the bench if he does play. As much I want to see him score (he's so freakin' due it isn't funny anymore), I can't imagine he'll get much time with Cooper and Perez back.

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