FC Dallas Fantasy Manager Update: Week 16


The Hoops hit the road this weekend, where will the points come from this time?

Editorial note: Each week (or so) here at BigDSoccer.com, we will take a look at the FC Dallas players you should be looking at to add to your Fantasy Manager team. To join the BDS group, use code 9134-1792.

It has been a couple weeks since we've done one of these updates. FC Dallas has either been off or the schedule got in the way of me remembering to write this up. But the team is back in action this week as they head to the Rose City to take on the Portland Timbers.

Portland is still unbeaten since Week 2 here. The last time these two met, it ended in a 1-1 draw. Dallas was without a few key members for that game and now the tables will be flipped for this encounter as Portland will be lacking a few key players of their own. But Dallas is also hit by the international call-ups as well but more on that shortly.

Highlight Pick

Eric Hassli ($8.0m 14 points) - I'm calling it. This is the week that Hassli gets his first goal with FC Dallas. The big guy is over due and then some for his first goal with the club. He's had success against Portland in the past and given the fact that Blas Perez and possibly Kenny Cooper are out this weekend, it will likely be his time to shine.

Three pack of picks

You don't want to gamble on Hassli? No worries, here are three players worth taking this weekend as FC Dallas plays Portland.

Michel ($6.1M, 89 points) - The last game wasn't so good for Michel but that usually means he'll have a bounce back performance. A lot rides on Wednesday's USOC game for him but he's been one of the most consistent players in the Fantasy game this season. If you don't have him still, you did something very wrong.

Matt Hedges ($5.8m, 78 points) - The second year defender should be back at 100% for this weekend unless something wild happens on Wednesday. Hedges is another constant in this game that saw his value dip a little over the last couple weeks. If you dropped him a couple weeks ago, you may be able to get him back without having to spend a bunch.

Jackson ($7.9m, 62 points) - I'm taking a risk by picking the Brazilian back up for this weekend. His value has dipped a little bit over the last few weeks (mainly since that red card), but he's still consistently bringing in around four to eight points, which isn't that bad overall. I think he will be a pain in the butt for Portland as they didn't have to deal with him last time around.

Don't forget...

The game is a little deceiving at times. Typically when a player is going to be out with a suspension or an international call-up the little info box is red instead of gray. Well, for Je-Vaughn Watson, Raul Fernandez and Perez, their boxes should be red.

Perez is likely out either way with the stomach flu; Watson could be back given how Jamaica does not have a qualifier on June 18 like most teams in CONCACAF do; and Fernandez may not be back in time from Colombia.

In other words, take these three at your own risk for this weekend.

(Edit: Fernandez will be available for Saturday's game. He is expected to travel with the club to Portland)

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