Dan Hunt Q&A on Facebook

Again, Dan Hunt hit the social media in the form of his regular Facbook Q&A session on Thursday afternoons; usually around 2pm CST. I'm privvy to some free time at work and usually ask a random question or two as well as try to get in an edgy question that we may never know the answer to. As follows are the questions and Dans reply to them. There are certainly more that are probably considered to be "fluff" by many so I've ommited them. Feel free to check out the FCD fan page at

The whole point of this is to possibly share some info and provide some talking points we may not normally see in the team related threads. Please join in and share your thoughts below let's dicuss the issues brought forth by our fellow FCD fans/supporters/thosewho are curious about the club!

Q - I love the Pub parties and random fashions and such, what are other "reach out to the community" types of events you plan on doing this year? Anything to help promote the Men's National team for example?

A - There is potential for a celebrity bartending event with our players and proceeds for the FC Dallas Foundation around a US Soccer game. After the success of our open practice at SMU, we would like to do another community event somewhere else in the metroplex. Be sure to check out for all the latest events.

Q - How involved, if at all, are you with the other MLS team HSG owns?

A -I spend some time working on Columbus with my brothers Clark and Lamar. It is a great organization with a lot of good people working there. Make sure to come out and see us play Columbus on Sept. 29 for the family grudge match.

Follow up - You guys ever think of selling one of the clubs and devoting 100% to one?

Q - Could we have a better slogan that Dallas til I die? I dont like death. How about dallas for life?

A - Our fans have really taken to this phrase Dallas 'Til I Die which also signifies that you are a Dallas fan for life.

Q - Whatever happened with that bottle throwing incident?

A - That fan is no longer allowed at the complex or stadium. We switched that area from bottles to plastic cups. In spite of the incident we still won the game!

Q - I feel you do a lot to help supporters group, but I am wondering if the FO has any plans, or would be open to plans, that would promote supporters groups, such as a mass email with links to our websites, facebook pages, and information about groups. I feel more promotion of SG's is mutually beneficial because when people become attached to a group, they are much more likely to attend more matches, and get involved with the club. thoughts? thanks!

A - I'm a big fan of all of our supporters. On our website you can find information about the SG groups. We appreciate your interest in what's going on here.

Q - Does FC Dallas provide any kind of scholarships for inner city youths?

A - Our Academy players are all on scholarship here at the club and with our good partner FISD, the kids are able to get an education in the local school system. We have a full time college counselor here who helps FCDY players gain admittance to universities all over the country.

Q - Where do u make your profit? Tickets or concessions? I'd rather show up to a full stadium at a lower entry point than to a half or third full. Make going contagious just like winning and losing.

A - Ticket sales, sponsorship, and TV revenue are the lifeblood of sports organizations. We obviously want to have a full stadium every game and are working towards that goal. I just want to thank everyone for their commitment to the sport of soccer.

Q - I have started to follow MLS very recently, and will surely be cheering FC Dallas as I live here in this city. I have seen that stoke city are playing here in july. Are there any other european teams visitng us later this year

A -FC Dallas At this time, that was really our only open date to play an international opponent. I was talking with the technical staff this morning about bringing a South American opponent next year.

Q - What do we need to do to start a south side supporters group?

A - We're in talks with several groups that may unify to form a South Side supporters group. Great minds think alike!

Q - When will FCD supervise it's youth programs for academy and select players? It seems like the organization would benefit from it's own "Massia" to grow it's own players. By supervising it more closely, the quality would improve, thereby causing opposing teams to step up their game. This would could have a domino effect on US soccer development.

A - We are at the forefront of developing Homegrown soccer players here at FC Dallas. We oversee all players within our system and it will only continue to improve as we grow organizationally. One day we'll look up and a large part of our roster every year will be soccer players who we have developed. Our Academy coach Luchi Gonzalez was part of a program that went and studied the French Football Federation (FFF) and also the Real Madrid system only a couple of months ago. Your question is a good one and know that the development of players is extremely important to this organization. A key component will one day be to have our own residency here at FCD.

Q part 1 - How active is the club going to be in the upcoming transfer window? Are we going to see any sell to buy action or are we looking at acquisitions?

Q part 2 -In a related question, what is the status of naming rights negotiations for the stadium? Obviously I know you can't divulge specifics, but are we in advance stages or just the courtship stage?

A -We will not be selling to buy a player. We have enough cap room to acquire a player and have identified several candidates. I am very excited for what these players might bring to the club. To your second question, if I had to gauge the interest I would say we're in the dancing phase.

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