3 Questions on Vancouver Whitecaps (Part II)

TWO IN A ROW! #BeatVancouver - USA TODAY Sports

Read our second insight of the Vancouver squad leading to the away leg of this home and home consecutive series.

Let's dive straight in....

1. What changes do you expect the Whitecaps to make to improve upon the scoreline this weekend at home?

Well, I definitely think you'll see a more complete lineup than the one that took the field last weekend. Rennie was apparently 'resting' some of his big guns last week, which angered a large portion of the Whitecaps faithful. I think You'll be seeing Camilo up front, although it's looking unlikely that Kenny Miller will make an appearance. You might see Gershon Koffie take the spot of Jun-Marques Davidson, if Head Coach Martin Rennie wants an attacking midfield of the young Russell Teibert, Daigo Kobayashi, Nigel Reo-Coker and Koffie. However, that's the same unit that allowed two goals versus FC Edmonton, so, you never know.

2. How is fan favorite Jay DeMerit progressing in his recovery from a rupture to his Achilles tendon? Think he will be able to see any time on the field this season?

It's a tough, tough injury to come back from, and Demerit isn't exactly a spring chicken. However, he's a warrior and though it would surprise me, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility to see him take the pitch once more this season. If it does happen though, it won't be until much later in the season.

3. Does the midweek win against Edmonton give the Vancouver squad a boost of confidence or just tired legs? How important is it for the Whitecaps to win the Canadian Championship and qualify for the CCL?

The midweek match was good because it allowed Rennie to rest his backline, which has played far too many matches so far. I wouldn't say it's a confidence builder; they had to come from behind to win the match, and even then it was only made possible by a Camilo flop. I think that match is out of their minds, and to be honest, it should be. It was an ugly win against a supposedly inferior opponent, and the 'Caps would do well to focus on the weekend instead.
I think the CCL is incredibly important to the fans, because they should have taken it last year, and fell to a weak Toronto club. This year should be one of redemption.

My Answers to Eighty-Six Forever's questions.

1) Dallas has the momentum, winning against Vancouver last weekend. What did Dallas do right, that they need to carry over onto this weekend?

FC Dallas has the momentum from not only Vancouver but also from their previous five opponents before the Whitecaps; the squad has been undefeated since their last lost at the goaty hands of Chivas USA on March 10th. The challenge will be for the hoops to remain strong on the road. FCD is first in the league with a record of 6-1-1 overall. However, if you break this down, FCD is 5-0-0 at home and 1-1-1 on the road. The challenge is for the team to bring their game with them north of the border to secure maximum points. This is the longest roadtrip of the season, so the players will have to overcome that hurdle.

2) Dallas played very well, but one of their goals was an own goal by Brad Rusin. Does Dallas need more of a 'killer instinct' when they play Vancouver again?

I don't think killer instinct is a concern. So far this season, FC Dallas has done a fantastic job making the most of their opportunities no matter where they come from. The first goal of the season originated from a goalkeeping blunder by Colorado. This team is stacked with talent. I believe they have the ability to create chances but also have their eyes wide open to pounce on any opportunity that may fall to their feet. This team will punish you for mistakes.

3) Lastly, what's your take on the social media battle between the two clubs? (In case you haven't seen it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYd-jkk1QwY and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx_mlM3L5zo

The front office has really stepped up their social media game. The digital banter back and forth is a great sign of progression and desire to connect with the fanbase. If you haven't seen some of the previous videos, check out the YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/FCDCommunications/videos

In addition to "Vancouvering," the digital team created a law office parody for the game against the Revolution and a product infomercial for the "FCD 442 Orange Obliteration System" to tease the Dynamo. I believe the front office sent that particular device to Vancouver over twitter for your roadtrip to Houston. (It was unfortunate that the Whitecaps weren't able to implement it fully.) This banter and additional off the field content the digital team has been producing has been a great way to keep FCD current during the weekdays and build buzz before matches.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to leave comments below and maybe check out the discussion with our Vancouver counterparts over at Eighty-Six Forever.

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