Cooper Lifts Dallas 3-2 Over Houston

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Late goal by Kenny Cooper lifts Dallas over rivals Houston.

What a wild day in Frisco.

Two goals before half, two goals given up late and one game-winner by none other than Kenny Cooper gives FC Dallas a 3-2 win over rivals Houston Dynamo.

Think about this for a second, the El Capitan cannon has returned to Frisco. Yep. The cannon will now sit in the stage end of the stadium near the Beer Guardians. Not a bad thought for Dallas fans.

Houston had the early chances in this one as they used a quick counter attacks and physical play up front with Will Bruin and Giles Barnes. In the 21st minute Barnes had a break away thanks to a crafty ball from Oscar Boneik Garcia. Barnes had a wide open Bruin waiting in the penalty box but Barnes decided to take the shot himself. Lucky for Dallas fans Raul Fernandez was ready for the test.

From then in the first half it was all FC Dallas. The two goals happened just after the half hour mark, both from set pieces.

Dallas got goals from Andrew Jacobson and George John in the first half. Schellas Hyndman commented afterwards how the club got goals from a defender, a midfielder and a striker all in one day. Not bad.

Houston was able to battle back in the second half with Brad Davis and Andy Driver. Both of their goals came just as quickly as the two first half Dallas goals.

But at the end of it all the goal from Cooper was a great way to end a wild day. The ball from Michel was perfect. The finish wasn't anything special but it is one that Dallas fans will remember for years to come.

Other thoughts:

Complete team effort. From Michel's play in the middle of the field, to Zach Loyd's ridiculous effort, to David Ferreira never giving up on the day. It was a total team effort by FC Dallas.

Michel in the middle. It was a total gamble by Hyndman to place Michel in the middle with Jacobson but it was a gamble that worked. He was calm on the ball and he read the game well today. That is what Hyndman needed. Is he the answer to the formation woes that Dallas has been dealing with this season? Maybe. But maybe not. Either way, Michel needs to be on the field. And in the same way so does Jair Benitez.

Speaking of JB. I know we all were not liking the idea having Michel in the middle and Benitez in the defense. But Benitez didn't foul anyone today. Houston sure tried to rile him up in the first half but it didn't pay off.

Offense still a work in progress. Three goals was great but this is just the beginning of having Cooper and Blas Perez on the field together. But with Ferreira working his magic this will come together nicely for Dallas. It just will. In due time it will so all I can preach is patience.

Three big points. Huge to get three points. Given the results of the other clubs in the West, three points was HUGE to get today. Now FC Dallas sits at six points. Tied for the lead in the West with Vancouver. Not bad folks, not bad.

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