FC Dallas Vs. Portland Timbers: Quote Sheet

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Some thoughts and comments from last night's 1-0 win.

Plenty of interesting talking points from last night's 1-0 win for FC Dallas over the Portland Timbers.

Here is what the gang all hand to say about the win.

FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman

General thoughts on the match...

The players, on Sunday, were still a little bit new to playing a higher-level game. The thing we missed up until Sunday was just good competition. After facing a quality opponent in AIK, the guys recognized that we had to get better. Tonight, we were a bit better.

On moving Ferreira out to the left flank...

The game is the best teacher. Against AIK we gave up 27 counter attacks, which meant we didn't have enough ball-winners in the center of the field. We talked about playing in a diamond formation. We talked about doing a bunch of things differently and it all looked good on the white board. But once it gets out on the field with all these moving parts, it doesn't always end up the same. Again, we felt we needed more ball-winners but at the same time we had to keep David Ferreira on the field. We made the decision to put him out on the left for Fabian Castillo and still give him the freedom to be a play-maker for us.

For the first time playing like this, we did well. Bobby Warshaw and Andrew Jacobson did well. They were ball-winners. They were aggressive. They worked off each other and our new acquisition, Je-Vaughn Watson also did well. He added exactly what we were looking for. We were lacking a little bit of bite, and he enabled us to get more balls to the strikers.

FC Dallas midfielder David Ferreira

General thoughts on tonight's match...

We played very well tonight and I thought we were able to execute our game plan. Little by little the team is starting to find itself.

On playing on the wing...

I don't feel strange playing on the left side. I have played out there before. As a team we've gone through changes in the way we play this week. I imagine it will take me a little bit to get to 100 percent at that position but it shouldn't be too much of a transition.

Can the team hold position more with you out on the wing...

It was very difficult to maintain possession in our match against AIK. It was our first difficult game playing in a new system. Understand, we are trying to see what system works best for the team. It didn't work very well against AIK but this game was better. We possessed the ball well tonight. We will be ready to go by the start of the season.

FC Dallas defender George John

General thoughts on the match...

Before the game Schellas told us that we needed to be better tonight. I thought we took some strides towards being a much better team. Our communication was better and I felt we were more comfortable with each other on the field.

On the team's second shutout in four days...

We modified the formation a bit tonight and things were a lot more calm back there. It really made a difference in how we defended and attacked as a team.

On the play of Bobby Warshaw and Andrew Jacobson in the center midfield...

It absolutely helped. Bobby Warshaw did his job winning a lot of headers and just battling, as did AJ. They both had a very good first half. Bobby had a good second half as well.

On getting through the preseason with very few injuries...

It's good. Skylar Richards, Paul Lombardo and Jonny Wright have all done a great job getting us ready for the season. The goal is to be healthy and ready to go March 2 and we are on track to hit that goal.

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