FC Dallas Holiday Gift Guide

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What to get the FCD fan that has everything...

It may be hard to believe it but Christmas is next week. Yes, next week. I know personally, I haven't even begun to shop for my family (thank God for Amazon Prime, I can put it off for another day or two).

But what about the FC Dallas fan in your life that needs a new jersey? New shirt? Or something else? What do you get them then? Hopefully the guide below can give you some assistance.

The club will be hosting an open house today at Toyota Stadium with some crazy good deals going on. They will have merchandise specials up to 80% off, special contests and prizes headlined by your chance to win a Toyota Camry! We'll have both Santa Claus and Tex Hooper in the house from 5-7PM.

The Kits

The FC Dallas team store has plenty of jerseys available. This is a great time to get a new jersey as the team will likely head into 2014 with a new kit (more on that down the road, they should be finishing up their usual two year cycle soon). The team store also has customization for just $20, for those who like to have their own name on the back of the kit.


I love scarves, and so do a lot of other soccer fans. The club currently has three scarves on sale, including their 2012 and 2013 SuperDraft scarfs. I also suggest heading over to Ruffneck Scarves for more soccer scarfs as well. They have a pretty sweet Texas Pride scarf there that I highly suggest looking at.


I have this debate every year. Do I get a player jersey t-shirt or not? After having a Ronnie O'Brien, Eddie Johnson and Carlos Ruiz (yes Ruiz) t-shirts back in the day, I've opted not to go that direction. I know some of you lately have been burned (no pun intended) by buying Cooper t-shirts. Maybe one day those will be collectors items. Or not.

Hopefully in the coming weeks they'll release some new ones like for George John or Kellyn Acosta. Then again, maybe we shouldn't hope for such a thing since it appears to be bad luck for buying one.

The team store still has some pretty cool shirts available for everyone out there.

Other t-shirt alternatives can be found at places like Bumpy Pitch, which if you haven't checked out their collection, do yourself a favor and give them a look. Plenty of cool shirts available there.

What sorts of FCD or soccer items are you asking for this year for Christmas? Looking for another team's soccer jersey? Maybe some USMNT gear? Let's hear it below.

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