Looking Back on 2012 New Year's Resolutions


How well did the club hold to the resolutions set out for them?

It's that time again where we all make our new year's resolutions. Maybe you're looking to lose some weight, cut down on your pints at the Londoner or quit smoking. In the same vein, FC Dallas needs to make some new year's resolutions as well.

However, most resolutions are old memories within about six weeks so let's first look back at my FCD resolutions for 2012 and see if the club was able to stick to them.

Remember how good this team is with David Ferreira

I think FCD held to that one pretty well. Unfortunately at the time of posting, we all thought Ferreira would play more than just half the season. Had Ferreira played 25-30 games, it seems incredibly likely that FC Dallas would have been a playoff team.

Begin grooming a replacement for Daniel Hernandez

FC Dallas actually did hold to this one pretty well through the early season with Bobby Warshaw getting significant minutes in Hernandez's spot. However, after a broken foot, Warshaw was buried on the depth chart and Julian de Guzman was brought in. Warshaw is one of the huge questions heading into 2013 and whether he will be able to step up and play significant minutes at a high level. Right now, there is no clear replacement for Hernandez.

Improve set pieces

Set pieces were still very poor for FC Dallas in 2012. With Ferreira back to take the corners, things should improve in 2013, but Dallas still lacks a player who can be a free kick specialist.

Resolve the George John situation

Well it took almost the whole year, but that one is certainly resolved.

Watch Brek Shea

A lot can change in 12 months

Get the homegrowns on the field Ruben Luna, Victor Ulloa, Moises Hernandez andBryan Leyva

Well I guess Dallas kind of held to this one. Leyva, Luna, and Top saw decent minutes for FC Dallas, with the club seeing enough from Leyva and Luna to decide to cut ties. FCD also did a fantastic job moving Moises Hernandez to a good loan situation in Guatemala where he won the league championship and played decent minutes. I'll give Dallas a positive check mark for this one.

Organize a pub night

That was one of my highlights of the year. How about a few pre-games at the Frisco Londoner next year? Organizing pub nights is stressful. Maybe I'll have one in March though.

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