FC Dallas Practice Rewind: September 21

FRISCO, TX - SEPTEMBER 15: Darren Mattocks #22 of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC crosses in the ball against FC Dallas on September 15, 2012 at FC Dallas Stadium in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Today was probably the best day of training from a spectator point of view that I've been to in a long time. With no game this weekend, it was pretty much just starters vs reserves in nearly full sided games with little tweaks like 2 touch, 1 touch, etc...

These training sessions give you a great look at who is progressing, which players need some work and so forth.

Some impressions

Jara Developing I think I've personally seen enough to at least have Jara back in pre-season next year. He makes smart runs, crosses well and links up decently. I see him as a player that can come into the 4-5-1 and turn it into a 4-4-2 when Dallas needs a goal. Is he a #2 forward on a good MLS roster? No, he's probably a #3 forward but I just see enough to want to see how he looks after a full pre-season with the team.

Signs of Life from Brek Talking to an FCD staffer today, I compared Brek to a power hitter in baseball that just isn't seeing the ball well. Brek just isn't striking the ball like he wants to, it seems like. Then a moment happened today where he hit a 25 yard goalazo that I haven't seen from him in a long time. To top it off, a minute later he rose up high and headed in a far post goal. Is it the moment that turns things around? Who knows, but if he scores next weekend at San Jose, remember this space.

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Tunnel of Love FCD players were cruelly subjected to the dreaded Tunnel of Love fitness drill today. It's basically a zig-zag run down the pitch with players positioned periodically that you have to send a pass or header back to. Then there's a sprint back to the finish line. It's flat out grueling and pretty hilarious to see the players get about 1/2 an inch off the ground for headers towards the end of the drill.


Gonzalez gone David Gonzalez wasn't at practice today and has presumably departed from his trial. Could we hear from him in the future? Who knows.

De Guzman Absent Julian de Guzman was an excused absence today, likely back in Toronto for the weekend wrapping up some things. I think he's earned a day off...

Tonight on FSC If you want to get a look at some Academy guys tonight, check out UNC vs Virginia at 6PM on Fox Soccer...Boyd Okwuono and Danny Garcia will be on display.

Enjoy the weekend...Vancouver vs Colorado 630PM Sunday Evening

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