What To Make Of Blas Perez These Days

FRISCO, TX - APRIL 14: Blas Perez #9 of FC Dallas walks upfield during the second half against the Montreal Impact at FC Dallas Stadium on April 14, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. Perez scored FC Dallas' first goal in their 2-1 defeat of Montreal. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

Injuries are - for a lack of better terms - a pain. No one likes getting them and they are rarely easy to deal with.

Case and point for someone like striker Blas Perez. The Panamanian has been sidelined for the last two months since injuring his foot in a World Cup qualifier against Cuba. Perez hasn't played in a regular season game since late May for Dallas either.

FC Dallas heads into yet another game this weekend against the Colorado Rapids without their leading scorer. For manager Schellas Hyndman, it is starting to be a frustrating thing to deal with.

Hyndman had no update on the striker's status and offered up some signs of frustration along the way.

The gaffer told 3rdDegree.net's Todd Date that it hasn't been easy lately dealing with the injuries.

"I sent an email off to my grandson saying we've played one game this year where we had seven starters out. Seven starters out? Really and now we're looking at a situation where I'm leaving Jackson home, I'm leaving Blas [Perez] at home, leaving Ugo [Ihemelu] at home and there's another one in Villar," Hyndman said. "Even as we're getting better, we're not. As soon as we get better, another guy gets hurt."

The troubling part with regards to Perez is where he is at mentally these days too.

Since the death of his father a couple weeks ago the striker has been in and out of Frisco. Even with him back in town the striker has gone a bit quiet on Twitter - mostly just retweeting followers. Before the summer hit, Perez was tweeting daily and was always checking in on Foursquare at local establishments.

With the season going the way it has for FC Dallas this year, one has to wonder if guys like Perez and even Ricardo Villar are lacking motivation to get healthy again here. Dallas has only ten games remaining on the season - 11 if you count the friendly with Leon FC.

In a way I feel like Perez is a one and done kind of player with Dallas. He's made a career of jumping around from team to team and it's hard to think it won't be any different with Dallas now that he hasn't played in nearly two months.

What do you all think? Will Perez be back this season? Does he even have motivation at this point to want to return?

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