What's on my mind? August 10th Edition

What do you suppose they're looking at? (Photo by Steve Dipaola/Getty Images)

What's on my mind is going to be a new Friday afternoon feature that will usually deal with the upcoming FC Dallas

game. I'll be briefly discussing three things that are kicking around in my head as we head into the game or whatever is going on in the FCD/Soccer world heading into the football weekend.

1) Can Brek do it again?

I really enjoyed Brek Shea's game on Sunday in Portland. I loved the runs he was making(a lot of which you see being in the stadium that you don't pick up watching the game on TV). He was very active and had a great attitude both during and after the game. So is Brek back?

Well, as he said after the game, you've got to do it in multiple games before it can be considered a trend. Probably the biggest storyline in Saturday's game, both for the rest of this season and heading into 2013, is can Brek Shea do it again? I have a sneaking suspicion that he dominates the Rapids on Saturday.

2) Chemistry is developing

When looking at the offense, I see some chemistry beginning to develop between Scott Sealy and David Ferreira. It's obviously a short term thing, but with three starts in a row together, Sealy and Ferreira are starting to get on the same page. I also have seen a lot of confidence in the Trinidadian this week in practice.

I'm not saying I think Sealy is one for the long-term, but I think you're going to see a good performance out of him on Saturday as well. As Schellas said on Wednesday "It's amazing what not sitting on the bench can do for you."

3) Wednesday absences

Looking ahead to Wednesday's game in Vancouver, there's going to be just tons of missing players on both sides of the field. Both Carlos Rodriguez and Julian de Guzman were called in for Canada and Panama while the Whitecaps will be missing Russell Teibert, Darren Mattocks and Dane Richards for this one.

I'd say those absences benefit FC Dallas as de Guzman and Rodriguez are fairly replaceable, but Mattocks and Richards have made a huge difference for the Whitecaps. However, the bigger issue is playing three MLS games on a FIFA international date.

Should Dallas win and Vancouver lose to RSL on Saturday, this game on Wednesday suddenly would become a huge match with eight points potentially separating the teams....at least we get lucky with the game starting after the USA-Mexico game ends. Not a bad soccer night...

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