Jacobson Earns First Captain's Armband With FCD

FRISCO, TX - JULY 7: Andrew Jacobson #4 of FC Dallas passes the ball away from Sam Cronin #4 of San Jose Earthquakes at FC Dallas Stadium on July 7, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)

While the scoreless draw with the San Jose Earthquakes had plenty of talking points on the night for FC Dallas. One that caught a few people's attention on the evening was seeing the captain's armband around midfielder Andrew Jacobson's arm.

For the first time in his MLS career (and likely his professional career) Jacobson was tasked with being the on-field leader his for club.

"It's always very important," said Jacobson. "It's always an honor to have the coach ask you to be the leader of the team. I try to lead by example but I'm only one of eleven on the field."

Many thought that with David Ferreira in the lineup that he would earn the armband for the first time since his injury. Goal keeper Kevin Hartman was also another option for manager Schellas Hyndman due to his recent achievement of going over 400 games played in Major League Soccer.

"With Daniel [Hernandez] picking up injuries, you're looking for someone who can be the next captain. When you think about it, you could give it to David Ferreira, you could give it to Kevin Hartman, who just played in his 400th game or you can give it to Andrew Jacobson," said Hyndman.

On this night he went with Jacobson, a big midfielder that has easily been growing more consistent with his game this season in the midfield for Dallas.

Said Hyndman, "I went with Andrew because I wanted someone who would be in the middle of the field. He was quiet at times, and at other times he really stepped up and became a leader on the field."

Jacobson was a clear choose on the night as he was active in the air and made good decisions in the open field. Early on in the second half he was finding space in the offensive third of the field and let a couple shots go from distance to test San Jose keeper Jon Busch. While none of his attempts found the back of the net, Jacobson was at least willing to step up and lead.

"Unfortunately we didn't get the goal. We held them pretty well. They have a lot of good players attacking who could score a lot of goals. If we could have just gotten one off them, it would have been a big victory for us," said Jacobson.

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