Around MLS: Week 21

July 28, 2012; Montreal, QC, CAN; Montreal Impact forward Marco Di Vaio (9) reacts during the second half against New York Red Bulls at the Stade Saputo. The Impact defeated the Red Bulls 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-US PRESSWIRE.

A long absence of the Around MLS bit returns with, funny enough, less MLS news than you'd expect. This normally wouldn't matter but I feel like I have to weigh in on the brouhaha that has been caused by Hope Solo's now-infamous twitter rant against NBC commentator and US Soccer icon Brandi Chastain.

If you haven't seen the tweets, they're easy enough to find on google, as "Hope Solo" automatically assumes you mean "Hope Solo Twitter Brandi Chastain".

All the drama centers around Solo publicly lashes out on twitter at Chastain for supposedly being negative about the US's team's chances, and she has a fair point. Chastain did engage in some negativity, but I found most of it warranted. None of Chastain's criticisms were false or exaggerated, and she was pointing out some issues the USA was having on the field. I believe that most of the negative commentary stems from a person who is not as experienced as a color analyst and more focused on the technical side of things. It's easy for an expert on a subject matter to find 100 different mistakes in their area of expertise and I'm sure it was no different with Brandi Chastain's analysis. The comments Chastain kept making got a bit grating after a bit, but again none of it seems to have been based on some kind of malice or desire to put down the team.

Even if it was, Solo's public rant really hurts her own image. I'm sure she sees herself as sticking up for her teammates, and no doubt her friends on the team appreciate it, but there are better ways to go about things than picking a twitter fight against a soccer player that is significantly more accomplished.

What do you think? Did Hope Solo go too far or did Brandi Chastain need to be put in place?

In other MLS news, the Colrado Rapids are tanking the season almost as hard as FC Dallas is, and are now having to deal with a sixth straight loss.Oscar Pareja is taking responsibility for the form the team is showing, but as I've said before I don't think he has much to work with in the Rapids. Pareja has some choices quotes about the losing streak, these coming via Chris Bianchi on the MLS website:

"Despite the moment, despite the bad results, despite of this situation when we run out of answers, Colorado Rapids fans are there pushing, giving us a great example. … We feel it. I want to tell them that we are, I’m going to say, embarrassed. Because they deserve more than this."

While it doesn't help the awful feeling of consistently losing (we FC Dallas fans know ALL about that this season), better words in that situation could not have been spoken.

The Montreal Impact surprised MLS by defeating New York by a healthy margin of 3-0. While being defeated after three solid results is not the end of the world, it stings to have to give up a victory to the Impact. The Red Bulls are trying to hold onto the top spot in the East and taking care of an expansion team is almost a necessity. Tim Cahill's presence will be a big boost to their lineup, though you have to wonder how on EARTH they are managing all these salaries. Very creative trades, or very creative bookkeeping? Doubtful they are really doing anything shady, but it just goes to show how obtuse MLS' financing system works.

The Impact though would argue that with their third victory in a row, they are hardly minnows in the East. Monteal has put together a nice run in the past month and while the playoffs still look unlikely, their expansion season continues to be a big success. Their big players all have produced in some way or another, with DP Marco Di Vaio scoring his first goal in MLS and Felipe bagging three assists.

Sporting Kansas City have completely hit a wall, putting out some very uninspiring performances against some of the weaker teams in the league. They have not recorded a single win in July, either in friendlies or in league play, and it isn't looking to get any better with the only legitimately beatable team on their schedule in the next month being New England.

Remember when Sporting Kansas City was going to win everything ever? At least LA had the talent to have you believe they would pull out of their slump. SKC isn't nearly as blessed with talent as the SoCal outfit is.

Houston won but whatever because Houston is awful. Winning hardly registers as a positive. Sure, you can be a Dynamo fan! A trip to BBVA stadium gives you One Free Smog coupon, redeemable all around Houston. All you have to do is breathe!

Think Dallas fans have it bad? We could always be Portland...
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