A Guide to FC Dallas Social Media

FRISCO, TX - JULY 21: The sun sets as FC Dallas takes on the Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Stadium on July 21, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

I've been wanting to do this for awhile and since I changed my Twitter handle today, it reminded me to finally make this post.

I'd imagine if you read this blog, you're probably pretty social media savvy. SBNation is build on the foundations of social media + Blogging + Journalism + Community and it has obviously exploded. However, I think some still have their head stuck in the sand to new technologies and they're missing out.

So what are the advantages to using social media? Well you will generally hear about news and features quicker than anyone else. When Brek Shea missed practice on Friday, Twitter knew about it hours before it was on Big D Soccer. I(and all the other writers) generally share my more quick hit opinions and newsy bits on Twitter long before they ever see the light of day on here(if they even do!).

For instance, you miss nuggets like this posted earlier this morning

And in-game stat nuggets like this one posted on Saturday

You can also see players react after big wins....and the inevitable Tweets after losses too.

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So who should you follow?

First off go to the FC Dallas Roster page and any player with a T by their name has a Twitter account.

Then simply for news and analysis you want to make sure and follow local scribes @bigdsoccer | @wvhooligan | @fcdallas | @optahunt | @3rddegreenet | @GSElitist | @archlobster | @stevedavis90 and I suppose you could follow me @DRobertsonFCD too if you want. There are plenty more FC Dallas fans out there with great opinions that you should follow as well but if I mentioned some and not others, they may get a little testy so let's just say post your twitter handle in the comments and everyone follow everyone else ok?

Up next is our Facebook page Big D Soccer if you don't "Like" the page yet, head over and do that. I've been pretty slacking with it over the last few months, but I'm making a pledge to update it more frequently during the day with pictures, discussion questions and vintage videos from FCD years past.

Basically, if you don't utilize social media these days, you're doing it wrong. There's no better 10-minute time kill than scrolling Twitter during your lunch hour and there's no better way to stay up-to-the-minute informed about the club. You do want to be that guy that breaks the team news to your friends and not the other way around right?

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