Thoughts on the Julian de Guzman Trade

TORONTO - APRIL 25: Julian de Guzman #6 of Toronto FC gets around Peter Vagenas #8 of the Seattle Sounders FC during a MLS game at BMO Field April 25, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Abelimages / Getty Images)

Before we turn our attention to tonight's game (biggest game of the season), I wanted to share my thoughts on the Julian de Guzman trade. I tried to give some insight in the comments, but I think I had an easier time reading The Iliad, though it's amazingly awesome that we're building a community of people with smart and informed discussion on the team. Anyways...

An Offer You Can't Refuse As I said in my MLSsoccer piece, this was an offer FCD couldn't turn down. If you read through the quotes I posted last night, you'll see that Schellas told everyone that this wasn't a trade FCD had planned for, but when you have an opportunity like this you can't pass it up.

Julian de Guzman has not been worth Designated Player money for his past play with Toronto FC, I think we can agree on that. However, color me unconvinced that he was ever played in the right role for the Reds with their revolving door of coaches and voices in the room. JDG, from everything I've heard, is a professional's professional who does his job every day and doesn't complain, but I've got to think things could have been done a little differently.

It seems like in the NBA it happens a lot where a player moves from being surrounded by not so much talent to a team with a lot of talent(even if it isn't coming through in results right now) and they thrive. Does that mean JDG is going to last after this season? I have no clue, but I applaud the front office for bringing in a player who could be the answer at the linking mid position if you move Jacobson back to d-mid or he could be the perfect complement to sit behind Jacobson and Ferreira. Has JDG played with a midfielder of David's caliber at TFC? I rest my case.

You have the rest of the season to figure out if this guy, with a fantastic pedigree, could be the answer for next year and if not then you really didn't compromise anything, as Clavijo said.

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The Cost Anyone who reads this site regularly knows I'm a big fan of Andrew Wiedeman, the person and the player. The problem is that after a fantastic pre-season, he picked up an injury which he's just now recovered from and his development has stalled a bit. He didn't look good at all in the start he was given and that could be one of the reasons he's being sent somewhere else. The fact is that the odds of Wiede making this team next year were <10% with a probable top 3 draft pick and TFC's second round pick, likely in the top 3 of the second round.

Despite what Paul Mariner, a coach I gained a ton of respect for, says, there is not a snowball's chance in Houston that Dallas is paying much of his salary. When Clavijo and Hyndman say that this move doesn't compromise anything for their plans this season, I trust their word. So you're trading a player who likely won't be on the squad next year for a guy who has played at an extremely high level in Spain and is very likely better than what you have currently at the position while giving yourself a chance to see if you've got a piece that fits into the 2013 puzzle at no risk to the future if it doesn't work out with his contract expiring at the end of the year.

Good work Mr. Clavijo

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