The Numbers Behind FCD's First 15 Games

SANDY, UT - MAY 26: Players of FC Dallas gather as a team before a game against Real Salt Lake before an MLS soccer game May 26, 2012 at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy, Utah. Real salt Lake beat FC Dallas 3-2. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

This winless run for FC Dallas has been pretty awful, there's no doubt about it. However, being a numbers and history kind of guy, the upside of this for me is that it provides some fantastic stats to look at, whether they're good or bad. Now in their 17th season of play, there's actually some history to look at in comparing how bad this run has been to previous years so I've gone back and crunched some numbers to look at how things compare to past years. With more than half the season still left to play, there's a ton of time to turn things around and hopefully we can all look back at this time at the end of the season and laugh.

9 - The current 9-game winless streak is the second longest in FC Dallas history behind a 10-game run in 2005 that coincided with the opening of FC Dallas Stadium. Perhaps the most amazing thing about that 10-game winless streak was how much of an outlier it was compared to the rest of the season for that team. In 2005, FCD still made the playoff and went a remarkable 13-3-6 in the 22 games not played during the streak. This 9-game streak is also obviously the longest since 2005 with the closest being 5-game winless streaks in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

63 - It has been 63 days since FC Dallas last won a competitive game. That is also the second longest run in franchise history with that 10-game streak running for a remarkable 85 days. That streak is really not in much danger as Dallas would have to run the winless streak to 13 games to pass the 85 day mark and surely things won't get to there .

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40 - Over the last 34 games dating back to last season, FCD has achieved 40 points in a run that includes the tail end of their 1 loss in 13 games run after Ferreira's injury and the late swoon of last season. 40 points from 34 games comes out to 1.17 PPG which would rank as the 3rd worst season in team history behind 2003 and 1998. With Ferreira coming back soon, hopefully this run is a thing of the past.

13 - The 13 points FCD has earned through this season is the lowest point total through the first 15 games since the start of the non-shootout era in 2000. The next closest total is 15 points earned through 15 games in the infamous 2003 Southlake season.

15 - FC Dallas has scored 15 goals through 15 games which is also the lowest amount since the start of the non-shootout era in 2000. There have been seasons as low as 17 goals scored through the first 15 games. This is probably the most forgivable of all stats as FCD has been down to second or third choice at just about every offensive position at some point during the season.

24 - Perhaps the strangest part of this early-season swoon has been the poor showing from the defense. It's not as if there have been any individually terrible performances, but the team is not defending well as a unit and that shows by the 24 goals allowed through 15 games which is tied for the third most since 2000. It's too tough to look up where this ranks, but the 20 goals allowed in the second half of the first 15 games is less than most totals through the entire 15 games of many years.

Now that that's out of the system, coming up soon is what needs to happen to turn this thing around.

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