MLS Power Rankings: Week 12

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 26: Perry Kitchen #23 of D.C. United battles for the ball against Fernando Cardenas #80 of the New England Revolution during a game at RFK Stadium on May 26, 2012 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

A quick note: I do not like to number teams and so I won't do it. While these weekly features are subjective, numbering teams is a slippery slope. Due to that the teams are placed in certain categories, with no numerical order within those categories. On we go!

Lots of draws this week mean there hasn't been much movement. Also I apologize, but due to family commitments and Chelsea winning the Champion's League (I partied more than I watched MLS) I watched little to no MLS besides FCD and relied mostly on highlights and stats. As such there will be no "Around MLS" this week.

It will return next week though, and hopefully on it I will write all about how MLS quivers at FC Dallas' resurgence.

The Cherry On Top

Real Salt Lake

Salt Lake keeps steamrolling... this week FCD was their victim.

The Cream of the Crop

Seattle Sounders

The Sounders have hit a pretty big speed bump these past few weeks. The old "can't score goals" issue has popped up again. It's funny that a team with Montero, Rosales and Estrada should struggle to score goals.

San Jose Earthquakes

They really should be dropped a notch due to some uninspiring performances lately, but they seem like aberrations rather than the norm.

New York Red Bulls

Finally had their win streak snapped, but it wasn't to a loss. They tied Chivas and while that might have seemed embarrassing at the beginning of the season, at this point it is considered an acceptable result.

Almost Elite

Sporting Kansas City

They finally won one against San Jose. The ship might be righted but until they get some consistency it can't be said that they are "back".

D.C. United

While it isn't fair to say D.C. United's resurgence is a huge surprise, they have definitely been more successful than I would have pegged them even at my most optimistic.

The MLS Middle Class

Vancouver Whitecaps

Drawing away at Portland for the Cascadia Cup is nice, but the Whitecaps probably should have handled Portland.

Chicago Fire (DEMOTED)

Inconsistent and all over the place, results wise. After beating Dallas (and that is no big feat these days) they lost to Columbus, who were looking the much weaker team two weeks ago.

Colorado Rapids

The Rapids are starting to figure out how to best work Oscar's system and their consistent form reflects that. A loss here or there is no big deal, they have started spacing them out with wins and draws.

Houston Dynamo

They're not doing quite as spectacularly as Sporting did last year when they opened their new stadium, but they're not awful either.

Columbus Crew

They now have put together a few very nice performances; beating Seattle certainly gives them a bit more legitimacy heading into the new week.

Portland Timbers

Still muddling along, the Timbers have yet to impress anyone so far this season. A draw does nothing for them in the standings.

Chivas USA

Wow. Now they tied Seattle? This is a different Chivas team.


New England Revolution (DEMOTED)

It will definitely not happen this season for the Revs. They manage to blow all the momentum they build with boneheaded decisions and poor play.

Montreal Impact (DEMOTED)

An unsightly loses streak rears its ugly head.

Philadelphia Union

They really need to figure things out. This team looks so drastically different from the one last year they might as well have replaced the entire roster. Not a good way to reward loyal fans.


They did it! They crawled their way out of the form cellar! They've looked better certainly and a win should help the mood. Canadian Champions!

Dishonorable Mention


had their worst month ever. It was an awful month to be a fan of FCD. It doesn't get any easier, but there is a break on the horizon.


I'm out of words at this point. These two teams at the bottom of the rankings? Shocking.

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