Winning thoughts. 4/22 Vancouver

Thanks to the Rangers post game show and some DVR fail I was only able to watch the first half of last nights game. TXA21 brought a nice quiet start to the game, no announcers, nice... but can we at least get a game clock lol. Curios if anyone else thought the picture went to crap once the announcers were tabbed in?

Starting off I was happy about the line up, it's what I asked for all week (C-rod in for Benitez though), an opportunity to see Guarda get a start and try to play the gapping hole we have in the attacking mid position; we still have a hole there...

Well, here's what I was able to get from the first half.

The goal was a very nice run of play and we just got burnt, that's about it here. As far as the LB spot and my line up of choosing, I think Benitez would have just ended up giving up a PK on that play. Carlos did pretty well but didn't bring as much of an attacking punch as we got out of Loyd. Zach seemed to be more available further up the field than Carlos. Maybe the Whitecaps were pushing more from C-Rods side than Zachs?

15th min, a decent chance taken near post by Hernandez. It was a little lacking in power but it was on frame and forced their keeper to make a grab.

21st min, Bonjours second foul within a short time was deserved of a yellow in my opinion, never able to tell how much this could have changed the rest f the game. It's picky but I wanted to mention it seeing as how the amount of fouls against us tallied so high as the game wound down.

30th min, we had a set piece from 45-50 yards out. I like how the guys took some time and tried to make a legit set play out the the chance rather than take a quick pass and get run of play going again, we need to do this more often since we've got several guys who are dangerous in the air consistantly.

37th min, the lay off from Blas to Bruno should have been money! Clearly our best chance to equalize up to that point of the game. Brek launched one over the bar from about 12 yards out a few minutes later, he was a little off balance it looked and went for all power no placement apparently, shooters choice kinda thing...

I got just about all I had wanted to see this game. Bruno got a huge chance to step up, while he didn't do as well as the half he previously played, he certainly wasn't bad. Bobby did OK, he sat back a bit too far for me but that's what he does. 4-4-2 time, clearly this line up in last nights formation didn't produce a lot, hopefully we see Jax on Wed and some new life added to our attack. I am looking forward to keeping RSL off the win sheet in Dallas, see ya there!

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