Winning Thoughts. 4/14 Montreal

So I had tonights winner completely pegged to be the team that scored with the wind; this was not the case. We came out with a very defensive look, albeit one that just kinda used what was available. My first musings lead me to think our guys would be free to fire away with the wind at out backs. From memory (no adult beverages involved, I promise) I recall two decent corners that came back to back and one nice opportunity for Castillo to get one v one with the oppositions keeper.

The first half was pretty much unsuccesful long balls with an obvious disconnect between the center mids, Hernandez and Jacobson, and the front line (Perez and Castillo). We all know Danny doesn't get around so well these days but he brings leadership and a lot of heart, oh and a few good set pieces now it seems!

More thoughts below!

Jacobson is lost to me. I don't know where or why he should be starting after tonights and other recent performances. He's another Hernandez but without the vision and experience. I really don't see him as more than a sub anymore. Would he start on any other MLS team? I don't believe so, so why is he starting here? Queue Bruno Gman, I've liked watching this kid play in the past; and guess what I liked watching him tonight!

Halftime brought about two substitutions and a formation change. Bruno came in and just seemed to have his "A" game tonight. He was all over the place (please Fennsk1 show us a heat map comparison of Jacobson and Bruno?), he had a couple of nice runs into very dangerous areas (failed to convert though), and he filled in the link that Villar has brought to us in the past few weeks. Does Bruno deserve the start chances in a match now? Perhaps, but is he still in the "dog house"? I certainly hope not. David F. is weeks away, Villar is not 100%, Jacobson doesn't do as well as I had hoped he would in a more attacking role.

A curious move to me was taking off Pertuz, I certainly hope he is not injured? But why take him off? He's a calm cool collected dude. He makes smart passes out of the back and seems to have his head up and know where his teammates are at, I'd like to see him get a shot at the mid. All the above plus not being part of our last line I think he would do well to step into the role Hernandez has filled for us. I know Warshaw has been slated as DH replacement, but we've got another guy that needs a look here.

Warshaw made an appearance tonight and he did ok. He fought well for the loose balls and brought a little offensive spark at times, even taking two shtos! One an open netter that should have been buried but Bobby looked to be falling backwards and didn't get the full hammer on it. His best chance for an early season goal was cleared off the line, much to the entire stadiums dismay.

Castillo got moved to right wing after the halftime adjustments were made and started to get into the game a little more. While it seems really appealing to get him up top with Blas, Castillo seems to be more effective from wide areas. He had at least one one v one with the keeper in the second half, but nicked it wide. He also helped clinch the game winner with some nifty combo play that involved Blas and lead to Breks amazing goal which then lead to a "Lambo leap" into our supporters section. Bring on the confidence Brek!

A frustrating first half and Brek was pretty much out of play except for chasing a few long balls, he may have had a nice cross and a few passes; they ultimately came to nothing though. Another long half but much more productive half saw Brek play much better, be more involved and get a goal around the 87th minute. This after a much wanted and deserved goal from Blas Perez, Mayor of FC Dallas Stadium yet? He is in my book!

Blas shows a ton of heart and hustle every game, and his stats are beginning to show it. He netted his third of the season adding to his pair of assists as well. A very good cross, from the low expectations we've had from Danny, lead to John heading the ball off the cross bar into the path of Blas who tucked his header in neatly to square us up after a fair but harsh PK called against us.

Loyd while tracking back to help out on a deep and high cross ran over a Montreal player in the box and they were awarded a PK which was converted. Oddly enough a play of very similar sorts happened on the other end of the field and we didn't get a call. Such is life I guess...

Last but not least Kevin HartMAN brought his stuff tonight. He was the stalwart shot stopper we've grown to love here. Several key saves kept us in the game and uplifted a pretty rowdy group of fans in the beer garden. Kevin took a knock at the death of the game and was clinching his wrist.

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