Schellas Hyndman Updates Ferreira/Castillo Injuries, Perea & Richard Sanchez

FRISCO, TX - MARCH 11: FC Dallas fans celebrate their teams 2-1 victory over the New York Red Bulls during the second half of a soccer game at FC Dallas Stadium on March 11, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images)

Schellas Hyndman, sounding a little under the weather, was kind enough to share a couple minutes late after the FCD Reserves 3-1 win over Real Salt Lake last night, touching on a few different topics that are on the front of everyone's minds.

Portland is up next, looking forward to the game?

We’re still enjoying the game against red bull, but like all things we have to put that game behind us and move forward. I’m glad to be playing Portland at home, watching them play last night, they’re a very good team. They have two very good forwards, Boyd and Perlaza, that will cause us problems and they’re very athletic. We’re looking at a very good game coming up here on Saturday. For us, we’ll be without Brek Shea and Castillo will be questionable.

What’s Castillo's status?

He’s just questionable, he took a pretty good knock to the leg and for precautionary reasons we did an MRI and everything’s fine. So it just has to do a little bit with how he feels, the pain tolerance, all those type of things so right now he’s just questionable.

What’s the status of David Ferreira?

David is again questionable. Talking to David and talking to the trainers, major improvement, 50 or 60 percent from last week, so we’re hoping that this will be the game he will be able to come back to.

Keep reading for an update on Richard Sanchez and Schellas' thoughts on Luis Perea

Richard Sanchez is in England with Chelsea, what are your thoughts on that?

Yeah, the reports we got are he did very well. He went to Chelsea on trial, they wanted a look at him, they’ve gotten good scouting reports on him for the last six months, they watched him down in Mexico when they won the U17 championships but they wanted to see him in their training environment and from all indications, they were very pleased with him.

How about Luis Perea, what can you tell us about him?

He just flew in today from Peru. He flew in last night and got here this morning, so he’s a little bit tired but we were able to get him out on the field, shake his legs a little bit losse. He’s a talented player, a striker that we think will be able to contribute to the team.

One more question about Luis, is he someone you’ve been tracking for awhile or a case of Fernando Clavjio reaping immediate benefits?

It really is as soon as we hired Fernando Clavijo, we had been tracking some players and had some players in on trial, mostly attacking type of players and Fernando brought him to us. He’s an interesting player because he has his green card, speaks English, played his soccer in Miami for Sunset High School and played professional for the last four or five years in Colombia and Peru. Of course, he’s going to have to get adjusted and get some rest but he’s also going to have to get adjusted to the speed of play that most international players have to when they join MLS.

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