FC Dallas News Update 2/15

BRIDEVIEW, IL - MAY 27: David Ferreira #10 of FC Dallas celebrates his goal against the Chicago Fire in an MLS match on May 27, 2010 at Toyota Park in Brideview, Illinois. (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

The big news of the day is the Soccer America story making its way all across the soccer interwebs regarding David Ferreira and his recovery. The story basically says that right now a lot of the problems are mental which is not surprising at all. It seems like it's going to take Ferreira getting tackled hard and popping right back up, like he did about 500 times in 2010, to be truly healed.

"He’ll see a foot-ankle specialist on Wednesday and we’re hoping that helps him," said Hyndman of the 2010 league MVP who played just six games before Jonathan Leathers crunched him with a tackle. "One of the problems he’s running into is the mind; he’s still worried about how strong he is, or if he’ll be reinjured, or is he at his best. These are things you don’t know how good you are or how much you’ve recovered until somebody kicks you and you go, ‘That wasn’t so bad.’ But right now he’s not prepared to get kicked.

It doesn't look like Ferreira will play tonight in FC Dallas' battle at SMU, but one player could make his pre-season debut.

"I plan on playing at least two more years after this," Hernandez said. "Unfortunately, the only thing the team would guarantee me as a player is this year. But by no means do I plan on retiring this year at all. I have no desire at all to retire after this year."

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Adam Crouch writes that the starting lineup is working it's way toward opening day.

"David and Daniel are still out. AJ and Ugo are just coming back, and we’re working in [Hernán] Pertúz and Blas [Perez]," Hyndman said. "It’s an adjustment, but we also realize that in four weeks, we play."

A fascinating article was written by Elijah Miller on MLSSoccer looking at how many lineup changes were made per game per team this year. Many of us criticized Schellas Hyndman for not rotating the squad enough during the busy part of the season and perhaps we were on to something. Three of the top five teams that competed in CCL last season finished in the top 5 list of most roster changes per game. Dallas rotated their schedule the third least out of any squad in MLS.

The exception was FC Dallas in 16th, and they might’ve even finished at the bottom if not for the eight changes Schellas Hyndman made in their regular-season finale. Did that have anything to do with their fading form over September and October? It’s not like they were sending out B teams for their continental games, either.

And finally, it's a day late but check out FC Dallas' valentine's day plans

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