Updated FC Dallas Depth Chart For December 2012

Just a few changes since this photo was taken. - Cooper Neill

Some new faces to add and some old faces to remove since our last look at the depth chart.

It has been over a month since we last looked at the FC Dallas depth chart on here. Since that time a lot has happened with the club that merited an updated.

As of this update the club has 24 players on the roster. That means there are still six open spots.

Just for reference we're only listing a player once on here - even if they can play multiple spots. We're going with the position that player would most likely play if they were 100% healthy and game-fit.


1. Chris Seitz
2. Richard Sanchez (HGP)

Left Back

1. Jair Benitez
2. Moises Hernandez (HGP)

Center Back

1. George John
2. Ugo Ihemelu
3. Matt Hedges
4. Stephen Keel

Right Back

1. Zach Loyd
2. Kellyn Acosta (HGP)

Defensive Midfielder

1. Peter Luccin
2. Bobby Warshaw
3. James Marcelin

Left Midfielder

1. Brek Shea
2. Fabian Castillo (DP)

Central Midfielder

1. Andrew Jacobson
2. Victor Ulloa (HGP)

Right Midfielder

1. Jackson Goncalves
* Castillo can also play here*

Attacking Midfielder

1. David Ferreira (DP)
2. Ricardo Villar


1. Blas Perez
2. Pipico
3. Jonathan Top (HGP)
4. Bradlee Baladez (HGP)


- We still have a 4-1-4-1 look but don't be shocked if we see a lot of 4-4-2 next year.

- Six open spots is really just five when you count London Woodberry - he'll be signing his HGP deal very soon I'm told.

- Two of those spots will likely go to draft picks #7 and #20.

- Biggest needs are still in the wings behind Shea, Jackson and Castillo; defensive mid (maybe?), up top, center defender and in goal. More than likely the draft will cover two or three of those spots depending on how the day goes.

- No word yet on any loans for players in 2013.

- Ihemelu will likely play more on the wings than at center back this coming year.

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