Suspensions Happened Frequently In 2012 For FC Dallas

Brandon Wade

One of the big story lines in 2012 was the amount of suspensions that FC Dallas had to deal with.

Injuries seemed to be a broken record around FC Dallas in 2012 but so did suspensions. During the rough patch of the season where the club went 13 games without a single win, part of it was due to injuries but the other bigger part was due to discipline.

Four of the teams' suspensions came during that dry spell. To go along with the large list of injuries that piled up in that span caused the perfect story for the 13-game winless drought.

Schellas Hyndman would call it emotional intelligence. Players didn't have it at certain points in the year and overall the red cards or long suspensions hurt the team in the end.

Here is a quick recap of the games that players were suspended in and how the team did.

Jair Benitez and Daniel Hernandez - suspended for the 4/5 match vs. New England for a red card - Dallas won the match 1-0 on a late goal from Ugo Ihemelu in the final seconds of the match. Both were carded in the big 4-1 loss at D.C. United.

Blas Perez - suspended (retroactively by MLS Discipline Committee) for the 4/25 game vs RSL - This one came from the league and was a big blow. Perez was given a retroactive suspension from the league for reckless behavior against a Vancouver defender. From what I recall the play was not that harmful but he was suspended nonetheless. Dallas would draw that game 1-1 with RSL.

Hernandez and Perez - suspended for the 5/9 game vs Seattle - Both were red carded in the first half of a 2-0 loss against the Colorado Rapids, each card was within a few minutes of one another. The result wasn't just a loss but Dallas couldn't muster any offense and playing two men down cost them the game. Against Seattle, Dallas lost 2-0.

Brek Shea - suspended three games for kicking a ball at the assistant referee during the Columbus game - Dallas would 0-2-1 without him, tying the Philadelphia Union 1-1 at home and then losing two rough road matches at Chicago 2-1 and at RSL 3-2. This was in some ways the start of Shea's tough summer.

Zach Loyd - suspended for the 5/19 games vs Philadelphia - Dallas would draw this game 1-1 but never really pressed on offense. He was issued a second yellow in the Columbus game that resulted in this suspension.

Benitez - suspended for the 6/25 game vs Chivas - Once again Benitez let his emotions get the best of him against Houston. He was suspended for the home game against Chivas USA. Dallas lost the game in Houston and came away with a 0-0 draw against Chivas at home in the following week.

Fabian Castillo - suspended for the 7/25 game vs. Portland for yellow card accumulation - Picked up a yellow against San Jose in the previous game was then had to sit out the home date with Portland. Thankfully this was one of the rare games were Dallas did well despite a suspension, winning 5-0.

Loyd - suspended for the 8/11 game vs. Colorado for a double yellow - For the second time in the 2012 season, Loyd picked up a second yellow in a game, this time against Portland on the road. Dallas would stumble in that game to a 1-1 draw. Dallas would win the game with Colorado 3-2 thanks to a big effort from David Ferreira.

Andrew Jacobson - suspended for the 8/18 game at RSL for yellow card accumulation - Similar to the Castillo suspension against Portland. AJ picked up a yellow at the 2-1 win over Vancouver and had to sit out the game at RSL. Thankfully Dallas won that game.

Julian de Guzman - suspended for the 10/21 match at Seattle for yellow card accumulation - FC Dallas lost the match 3-1. Dallas struggled in the midfield on the night, more so in the middle of the field.

So which suspension cost FCD the most this season? Shea's was obviously a big one. So was Perez earlier in the year. The double against Colorado was also a mess that put the club behind the eight ball for a couple matches.
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