2012 MLS Combine Days 1 & 2 Recap

2012 MLS Player Combine

The MLS combine has been taking place this weekend in Florida and I've compiled a bunch of articles worth reading to educate yourselves on the combine and draft which takes place a little over 72 hours from now.

I got a chance to watch some of the action yesterday and just a few observations from me: Sam Garza has looked great every time I've seen him. Will he be available at #11? Not sure, but if FCD wants to replace Eric Avila, Garza is the closest thing to him they'll find.

I really like what I see out of UNC center back Matt Hedges as a replacement for George John. Hedges doesn't quite have the passing out of the back that John, a converted midfielder, does, but he is every bit as dominant in the air and would slot in well next to Ugo Ihemelu. I highly doubt he would be available at #11 either, but a guy can dream. If teams rate Baptiste and the GA guys higher, there is a possibility.

When looking at the combine reports, notice the reports on guys like Garza, Hedges, Aaron Maund, and some of these other names that Drew mentioned.

First off some video-

All of the MLS "The Daily" videos around the combine have been great. Some really good analysis from the guys on the ground watching the games. Here is a link to the most recent Daily, you will see videos for all the previous ones on the right side. Highly recommended.

Joe Mauceri is a must-read this time of year and he has analysis of the players for both day 1 and day 2

Keep reading

Simon Borg, Travis Clark and Jason Saghini give their winners and losers from day 1 and day 2 of the combine.

You can find a wealth of Combine articles from MLS Soccer by following this link.

The great Kyle McCarthy has his recaps from day 1 and day 2 as well..

And finally...video highlights!

AdiPower 3 AdiPrime 2 (Friday)

AdiZero 0 AdiPure 0 (Friday)

AdiPower 2 AdiZero 1 (Sunday)

AdiPure 4 AdiPrime 2 (Sunday)

Any players caught your eye? Do you want Dallas to target a CB, winger, forward or outside back?

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