Ruben Luna Checks in from Lisbon

So Daniel asked if anyone would like the opportunity to write for today, I first off recommended fennsk1 (for his classy posts and in depth research). I then wrote Daniel an email, which after some chatter has led me to this.

Here I am pondering to myself what can I write about that's not being talked about. While doing this, it hits me, I'm friends with several of the guys on Facebook, why not go hit up Ruben Luna and check in with his times at Sporting Lisbon and the coming season for FC Dallas!

For those that don't know, Ruben is on a 2-week training stint with perennial Portuguese champions Sporting Lisbon, locked in a tight title race with FC Porto.

Ruben talks about Sporting, FCD's newest players and more after the jump

Thanks for taking some time for and fans!

First off, tell us about the training sessions at Sporting. What are they like compared to FCD?

Training has been great here, very technical and speed of level is very fast, they do a lot of possession I have really enjoyed it.

What is it like being at a club with decades of tradition and success?

Sporting is a great club, they take great pride in their name. They have the mentality that they're the best club and that's pretty cool. It's really competitive I've met some great people here and the guys here were very welcoming.

Do you know what kind of role you will have this year in Dallas? Super sub? Up front as it was in 2011 with more practice ripping up reserve team? Or do you expect a lot of first team action?

I think everybody wants to be in the starting 11, I really enjoyed the reserve league games last season being able to play especially vs Kansas City. I just want to be ready when I'm in the field. I saw a great quote here inside the cafeteria "nobody gets lucky it's preparation and opportunity" -Ronaldo

Have you been able to speak to Blas and Hernan to give your own personal welcome to the team?

I haven't spoken to our new teammates but exited to get things going. I know the guys will make them feel like home and I'm exited to play with them. I have spoken to coach Schellas just kept him updated in everything here.

Would you feel better about being in a 4-4-2 with perhaps Castillo next to you rather than playing up top alone as we saw you last year?

I've always been comfortable playing with a midfielder or a forward that I'd have a great connection with so in the field we could understand each other and surprise defenders.

Last but certainly not least, tell us about your down time overseas, what cool sites and adventures have you had?

Lisbon is a big city, I got to watch Sporting Lisbon vs Porto and the game was unbelievable. My roomates are pretty cool. Portugal is a different world and the coach here speaks every language so the transition wasnt too hard.

Just wanna thank the Fc Dallas fans for their support and glad to share my experience here at Sporting Lisbon. Dallas till I Die

Most of all from here, thank you Ruben! He's hours away - this is via Facebook - of all the unofficial places possible. He quickly let me bring this to you all and was very nice about the whole thing. I can't wait to bring you more this season. I'd like to end with a big thanks to Daniel for letting make a few headlines around here.


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