FC Dallas Youngsters Impress in U17 World Cup

This really has nothing to do with the U17 World Cup, it's just an awesome picture

The first couple of days of the U17 World Cup are in the books and the FC Dallas youth products both had nice games. Richard Sanchez was the highest profile of the two, starting in goal for Mexico against North Korea in front of a sold out home crowd of over 40,000 in Morelia.

It was a rough start for Sanchez as PRK scored after just a couple of minutes, sliding a shot under Sanchez. The FC Dallas homegrown signing was able to get a big piece of the shot, but it just trickled over the line. Mexico would turn things around, however, winning 3-1 in an enthralling game. 

Sanchez had a solid game overall, though he didn't really have a whole lot to do in net as Mexico peppered the North Korea goal for the 87 minutes after the goal. He did play a huge part in the turning point of the match as a fantastic quick restart punt by Sanchez freed a Mexican player who was taken down by the North Korean goalkeeper earning him a red card for the foul outside the box. 

Keep reading for how Kellyn Acosta did with the USA and highlights of both matches

Starting at left back for the United States, Kellyn Acosta, the youngest player on the team at just 15 years old, was decent for the USA. He looked a bit nervous out there early, but certainly got better as the game went on and the USA extended their lead. I look forward to getting more of a look at him later in the tournament when he is tested more as the Czech Republic really didn't threaten the Americans that much in a comprehensive 3-0 victory.

Another local product, Alfred Koroma of Solar who is a player I've written about in the past, came on as a second half sub and produced a wonderful individual effort to score the USA's third goal. Overall a great performance for the Americans.

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the tournament yet, I really recommend giving it a shot as both of the games I watched were thoroughly entertaining. Every game is available live and on demand at espn3.com while select games, including every USA game, is aired live on ESPNU. 

Now the highlights...make sure to see the USA's first goal, a thing of beauty. 

Mexico Vs. North Korea (DPR) U-17 World cup 2011 Mexico (via Highlightsuwant)

USA Vs. Czech Republic U-17 World cup 2011 Mexico!!! (via Highlightsuwant)

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