Scarfing Lamar Brings New Tradition To FC Dallas Games

Uncle Lamar gets scarfed for the first time. (Photo via FC Dallas)

If you were one of the 20,145 that made it out to Pizza Hut Park this past weekend you may have noticed a new tradition set up by the club. A new tradition that I really hope sticks. The "March to the Match" was something taken from the Seattle Sounders of course but the twist FC Dallas brought to the table made it really special in my mind. 

I'm talking about the "scarfing" of the Lamar Hunt statue inside PHP. This little touch brings so much more to the event for fans than some may realize. Sure, its just a simple walk from the Londoner to PHP and a simple draping of a scarf on a statue but if you really took part of it you'll understand why this cool. 

I talked to FCD's Marketing guru Justin McCord about the march and the scarfing trading before the game. He said the idea was something that came to the club in Toronto at MLS Cup.

 "Sure it came from Seattle & other clubs that historically march but really it didn't click for us until MLS Cup [in Toronto], when the front office actually marched with supporters from a local pub to the stadium for the game," said McCord. "Scarfing Lamar was just the touch to make it unique to Dallas, a touch that we hope fans enjoy."


The scarfing idea is brillent. The more I thought about it last week when it was announced that it would take place the more I thought it could turn into something special. McCord and I both agreed that it was something that would set Dallas's march apart from Seattle's or any other clubs. Fans still love what Lamar Hunt did for the club and adding a scarf to his statue for each home game is the way to go. 

It is the simple touches that matter in the end. The march itself is perfect in length. I think any further and you do lose a sense of value behind it. The fans seemed really into it though. Kudos to the supporter's groups for stepping up and making this fun. 

For a full photo recap of the march and scarfing, click here

If you were at PHP over the weekend did you take part in the march? If so, what did you think? 

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