What soccer gifts did you give or receive this year?

I think this fanpost and its comment thread could serve as a good, central place to brag or lament over presents that we want to recommend to others or warn them off of. Maybe even some things you wanted but didn't receive.

Obviously, this will be mostly FCD- and US-National-Team-centric, but if you got something singularly awesome outside of those circles, mention that too. Hopefully I'll remember to check back here when my family starts asking for birthday gift ideas.

My favorite gift this year was an FC Dallas scarf:



It's thick and nicely made (though the FCD crest is a bit rough when viewed close up). I'd wear it constantly if it was a little longer, though being 6'4" I'm pretty used to that issue. The site has scarves for every MLS club, as well as a few European clubs, a lot of national teams, and even a couple NCAA teams. Obviously I'm biased, but I think this is the best designed scarf on the site. You can also order custom scarves for club teams, promotions, etc.

I also got a membership to American Outlaws. The t-shirt and bandana are nice, but I'm holding out hope for a nearby (I live in Pittsburgh) NT game this year so I can take advantage of ticket discounts and freebies.

Also, my wife and I like to give charitable donations in the names of family members (usually getting them something small as well). Soccer-themed charities include, FC Dallas Foundation, FC Dallas West Texas, or US Youth Soccer. If you'd like to give internationally, Haiti Soccer Project, Kids Soccer Africa, and other similar organizations can help provide for young players whose passion currently outstrips their opportunities.

So, what did you get, give, or want?

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