Opinion: FCD Fans Should Remain Patient but Time is Short for FC Dallas Leadership

FRISCO, TX - OCTOBER 26: Dax McCarty #11 of the New York Red Bulls dribbles the ball against Andrew Jacobson #4 of the FC Dallas at Pizza Hut Park during a on October 26, 2011 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

On the surface, the trade of Marvin Chavez to San Jose makes sense for Schellas Hyndman and the FC Dallas brain trust. Dealing from a position of strength, right midfield, to bolster a position of weakness, forward, is certainly something that can be understood. However, the trade of the popular Catracho Chavez has been met with overwhelming negativity among the fans here on this blog, various message boards and the FC Dallas Facebook page.

Having sent out the news at 6PM on Friday afternoon including a plea from FCD President & CEO Doug Quinn for patience, the negative reaction is clearly something that has been anticipated, but those in charge at Pizza Hut Park should understand that these feelings are not necessarily aimed at one simple move but a wealth of missteps since the MLS Cup Final run of 2010.

Gone are fan favorites, Dax McCarty, Heath Pearce, Eric Alexander and Eric Avila with just Fabian Castillo left to show from that exchange. The workmanlike efforts of Atiba Harris, Milton Rodriguez and Jeff Cunningham were replaced with Andrew Jacobson, the lone hit of 2011, Ricardo Villar, a player who never caught up to the pace of MLS, and a few other guys who likely won't be back in 2012. The status of George John's future remains a huge point of worry as well. Since some positive results in August, the returns has been almost solely negative for Dallas fans and the trade of Chavez is simply the icing on the cake.

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The silver lining to everything, and something that we discussed last week, is that Dallas has money, cap space and roster spots, the three things you need to rapidly improve your squad in MLS. Perhaps Schellas has already found his forward and was willing to trade Marvin Chavez to get him, an idea that should excite all FCD fans knowing how vital Chavez was to this team's "strike force."

Jesus Padilla wrote an extremely interesting op-ed piece in La Estrella this week in which he writes(I'm paraphrasing) "It would be unreasonable to expect a team owned by a middling businessman to bring star players, but we're talking about FC Dallas, a team with millionaire owners of oil wells, large industries and professional teams in different sports. If the owners ask why is their stadium not full, the fans might ask, why not recruit great players to build a championship team."

I truly believe Schellas Hyndman and company have a clear objective in mind that will be successful if executed properly. While the depth of this team is still a big question, the starting XI can be as good as any team in the league provided a top line, alpha dog forward is inserted into the lineup. For that reason, the fans should allow the team some time to improve the squad before March 11.

With the sale of Chavez, Dallas has everything in place to aim big. The trophy-starved fans are pleading for it and the city of Dallas deserves it. To Schellas Hyndman, Doug Quinn and Hunt Sports Group, the message from the fans is loud and clear - "Your move."

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